You’ve probably heard that phrase spoken somewhere in your life, no? Maybe you even heard it the other day from someone standing around the water cooler at work? Worse still, have you ever been that person who spoke those words?

What a drag to wake up and start your day thinking like that.

What if instead we thought…

Every day a new life. A new game.

And 10,000 ways to play!

a man standing by a lake and mountains at night

Pillars in the Sky (Photo by Paul Zizka)

How you see the world is what it becomes for you.

Your choice.

About Mark Hermann

Mark Hermann is a music producer, guitar player and songwriter with the occasional whimsy to create mosaic art and go fishing. Currently serving a life sentence for the serial abuse of metaphors. He teaches musicians and other creatives how to unearth their own rock and roll story and deliver the soundtrack to their personal brand.

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