One day in the not too distant future…

Social networking will come full circle

Social networking Old School

You will pay good money to  leave your technology at home and seek out an experience that’s been missing in you for so long you forgot how badly you needed it. In some cases, you will travel great distances just to come together with other human beings in places where no technology exists.

You’ll sit around a campfire in the woods or by a lake or on a mountaintop and tell stories. Stories that inspire. Stories that entertain. Stories that amaze. Stories that humble. Some stories will make you laugh. Others will make you cry. But all will feel the power of your connection to one another. And how stories are the glue that knit together our shared human experience.

In the absence of any outside distractions from technology you’ll watch the burning embers from the fire, crackling and popping as they drift up into the sky on a clear starry night and you’ll marvel at the spectacle. So simple yet so profound. You’ll smell the pungent smoke as it mixes in your lungs with the cool night air, taking your breath away for a moment yet it feels somehow like an old familiar friend. You’ll grow silent as the wind arrives unexpectedly, rustling the leaves and causing the trees to sway back and forth wildly, the same dance echoing through the distance for miles around you before moving on to nowhere in particular. Time stands still.

And in that shared experience, one that requires everyone there to be fully present in the moment, you will remember what it means to feel alive again. To feel human.

And when you return home to that daily routine, you’ll find that it’s not so easy to fall back in line. Something will have changed. You’ll feel a deep desire to share this experience with others, already planning your own return for the next one. Only you’ll find that you can’t Tweet it or Like it or +1 it. Somehow the experience doesn’t translate with technology. You’ll have to share this experience in person. They’ll have to see your expressions, feel the power you felt.

One day in the not too distant future…this will happen.


The revolution will not be Tweeted.



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About Mark Hermann

Mark Hermann is a music producer, guitar player and songwriter with the occasional whimsy to create mosaic art and go fishing. Currently serving a life sentence for the serial abuse of metaphors. He teaches musicians and other creatives how to unearth their own rock and roll story and deliver the soundtrack to their personal brand.

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