‘Scuse Me While I Thank These Guys

Jimi Hendrix playing at Woodstock

Thank you!

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to some amazing people who are directly or indirectly responsible for helping me get here.

And where is that exactly?

Well, I realize a guest post on Copyblogger might not quite compare to say, playing at Woodstock.

But for me it represents an important milestone.

It’s another step down that yellow brick road that leads to a dream. The dream of making a difference in the world. A dream of helping inspire others to do the same, as the people I will mention here have inspired me to do.

It’s affirmation that my decision a couple years ago to look beyond my lifelong passion for music, guitars and rock and roll in search of a greater purpose was a good one. That’s when I discovered I was equally in love with telling stories and helping others to find theirs and share their passion with the world.

To date, I had been helping people tell their story through music production and songwriting collaborations. Recently, I began experimenting with writing and telling stories in the long form. I quite liked it.

So I set out to combine these passions into a unique forum and give voice to them in the online space in the hopes that I can do my small part and do some good in the world. And so my blog, Rock and Roll Zen was born. It’s a work in progress.

This Copyblogger post is Exhibit A.

So thank you to Brian Clark, Sonia Simone and Robert Bruce at @copyblogger for running what must surely be one of the longest posts in your history.

Copyblogger and its never ending stream of highest quality content has served as a fountain of great advice and inspiration since I discovered it last year on my journey to figure out this crazy blogosphere.

Next, I have to give a huge shoutout to His Royal Awesomeness @JonMorrow and his amazing team of Marsha Stopa and Shane Arthur for whipping my writing ass into shape through his amazing guestblogging course. This post likely wouldn’t have seen the light of day without them.

Truth is I was wondering if I had sadly become one of those strung out online self help junkies, paying for bullshit courses that promised salvation and were nothing more than great sales pitches. Thank you Jon for restoring my faith! Your course is worth its weight in gold.

Then I have to thank the outlandish Johnny B. Truant for serving as a true inspiration to write epic shit. I was sent a link by a friend who informed me that he may have found someone out there with a mind as equally twisted as my own, who also wants to inspire others in his own outlaw fashion.

That’s when I came to read Johnny’s now semi-legendary post, The Universe Doesn’t Give A Flying Fuck About You. I was absolutely floored by it and couldn’t believe anyone could hold my attention for that many paragraphs.

This post was directly inspired by Johnny’s outlaw approach to writing epic, provacative and inspiring content. Thank you, Johnny. You rock!

Next I would like to thank @JonathanFields for his outstanding book, Uncertainty, which I was so happy to stumble upon via a webinar I attended.

Jonathan’s book was a key component in helping me find the courage to begin this new journey. It provided a framework to work through my fears and uncertainty about an unknown future and offered a road map through this scary, uncharted territory.

I then owe a special thank you to digital writing guru, Sean Platt, who I found at the beginning of my online discovery. I couldn’t believe someone could create and give away that much great content and still find the time to actually make a living. Sean’s amazing Copyblogger post, The Eminem Guide To Becoming a Writing and Marketing Machine is how I first got turned onto Copyblogger.

To David Weiss, founder of hipster chic NYC music scene website, SonicScoop. I owe you a serious debt of gratitude for your vote of confidence in my writing. Thank you for offering me my own column and a forum to find my own voice. In fact, it was David who sent me that link to Johnny B.’s post. You’re awesome!

Then there’s an amazing woman named Ariel Hyatt. She has an online PR business for independent musicians called Cyber PR. Ariel worked wonders garnering online publicity for my band. It was Ariel who ultimately taught me how to not act like an ignorant musician and forced me to get involved with social networking. You rock, woman!

And finally I want to say thank you to a really special human being, Derek Sivers, founder of CD Baby. Derek is a shining beacon of inspiration who wanders the planet with no permanent address and simply fills the world with cool ideas that inspire you to do good things.

Derek turned me onto Seth Godin a couple years ago and gave me a box set of his five most popular books. Then he asked me to write about each of them from a working musician’s standpoint to see how Seth’s marketing genius could be applied to a modern music career. It’s because of that assignment that I became enlightened to the possibilities in a digital universe.

So to all mentioned here, I sincerely thank you.

Each of you have touched my life and the lives of so many people in a positive way through your work. I can only hope to do the same one day.

You’re all bold as love.


Mark Hermann




  • http://seanmplatt.com Sean

    Congratulations man, very well done!

    • Mark Hermann

      Thanks Sean.

      This began a long time ago when I discovered Ghostwriter Dad. So kudos to you fir all your great advice!

  • http://vimeo.com/channels/nobodydoesitbetter Paula Wertheim

    You mean there’s hope for us after all??? Cool. 😉

    • Mark Hermann

      Yeah, there’s hope Paula.

      If we all realize what we’re each capable of and then decide to do it.

      Glad you liked it.



  • http://www.brandlikearockstar.com Steve Jones

    Wonderful piece on Hendrix Mark!!! Great stuff.
    I’d love to get your thoughts on http://www.brandlikearockstar.com. We take a similar approach putting rock ‘n’ roll strategies to work in business.

    • Mark Hermann

      Glad you dug it, Steve.

      Yeah, sure I’ll take a look at your site and give you my two cents. We obviously think a lot alike :-)

      I’ll circle back to you with my thoughts.



  • Kevin Dahlberg

    Just finished reading your post on copyblogger and thought I would have a look around. Thanks again for the great post, and am looking forward to more from you.

    • Mark Hermann

      Thanks Kevin. Glad you dug the article. Plenty more to come.



  • http://www.creativecopychallenge.wordpress.com Shane Arthur

    I knew the first time I read your guest post it would make it to Copyblogger. You’ve got skill.

    Small world too – I edit for Master Platt. :)

    • Mark Hermann

      Awesome on both fronts Shane!

      Yeah, this was a major goal achieved for me after taking Jon’s course.

      And thanks again for all your surgical grammatic genius.


  • http://guestblogging.com Marsha Stopa

    Thanks for the thank you, Mark. Truly my pleasure to help.

    You need to know that I’ve never gotten so geeked about a student’s post as I did yours. Emailed Jon immediately and told him your post was one of the best to come out of the course so far.

    Well done.



    • Mark Hermann

      Well, I’m honored you felt that way, Marsha.

      On to the next.


  • Timothy

    Like the title, reminds me of the biology student who wanted to know if I could play a song about ants.

    The ants are my friend, they’re blowing in the wind.

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